Ceci n’est pas un ├ępisode

This is not the episode about Backlogs. (There hasn’t been one yet. For a full list of episodes, consult the archive.)

This is the backlog for the show, where you can see what’s planned and offer your suggestions.

A few words from your Product Owner

I’m always going to build and deliver whatever I feel is the highest-value episode to do next. I won’t always know what I’m going to feel, so this backlog won’t always tell you what to expect. But it’ll give you an idea of what I’m thinking about. And if you want to make sure your idea’s got my attention, mention it here.

My goals

  1. Demonstrate my respect for your time, attention, intelligence, and humanity.

  2. Write, edit, and record every episode with such care that it might wind up being your favorite.

  3. Release new episodes regularly, until we’ve covered every topic you could possibly want to hear about.

  4. Within these constraints, experiment freely.

Possible future episodes

  1. Productivity and open-plan workspaces (via Ruth)
  2. Where to start with Agile (and also Chris’s comment below), and dealing with change, and not falling into a rut
  3. Provide some brainstorming ideas for team improvement
  4. Roles (and wearing them loosely)
  5. Decision-making (Agile gives you lots of opportunities to practice, if you want to take them; what goes into good decision-making)
  6. Security (jumping off Risk to risk modeling and security decisions)
  7. Estimating
    1. Pointing
    2. Project estimates as compared to task estimates
    3. Story estimates (conflating complexity with number of days to complete)
  8. ”Say/do” ratio
  9. Feedback cycles
  10. Transparency
  11. Certifications
  12. Craftsmanship possible without TDD?
  13. Brooks’ law
  14. People are generally doing their best (perhaps this goes under systems thinking)
  15. Card wall
  16. Renewal
  17. Principles
    1. Deliver valuable software early and often
    2. Welcome changing requirements
    3. Business and developers work together daily
    4. Support and trust motivated individuals
    5. Face-to-face communication
    6. Measure progress by working software
    7. Sustainable pace
    8. Technical excellence
    9. Maximize the amount of work not done
    10. Self-organizing teams
    11. Reflect, tune, adjust
  18. Mindset
    1. Non-fixed: through effort, I can learn and improve
  19. Feelings
    1. Joy
    2. Courage
    3. Empathy
  20. Values
    1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
    3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    4. Responding to change over following a plan
    5. Simplicity
    6. Communication
    7. Feedback
    8. Respect
    9. Courage
    10. Focus
    11. Openness
  21. Actions
    1. Doing it and helping others do it

Possible site enhancements

  1. Get a real website design (including scalable logo)
  2. Style the audio player to look more inviting
  3. In archives, show just the title and the question (and maybe the date), no more
  4. Remove the very last horizontal rule on front page (every page?)
  5. Since the feature’s turned off, hide “or signin” on the comment form.
  6. To afford commenting, inline the comment form into episode pages.
  7. Show “Add a comment” link on home page (auto-included latest episode)
  8. Show “Please ‘Add a comment’ on…” only in RSS feed (not HTML pages)
  9. For “Subscribe by email”, have a text field that submits a form (not a mailto: URL that launches a perhaps nonexistent locally configured mailer)
  10. Fix W3C feed validation (might help with some podcatchers)
  11. Be able to give archive the meta title “All Episodes” (to make the trail look nice) without changing the RSS feed’s title from “Agile in 3 Minutes” to “All Episodes”
  12. Auto-tweet new episodes as @AgileIn3Minutes
  13. Auto-tweet old episodes with Buffer
  14. Include the @AgileIn3Minutes timeline in the sidebar
  15. Auto-RT as @schmonz (and other social media)
  16. Support Open Graph for nicer Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

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