“Just marvelous.”
Ron Jeffries

“Holy zot, this guy knows his shit about Agile.”
Alex Harms

“30 seconds in — I’m sold!”
Marcus Hammarberg

“Best three minutes I spent today.”
Ron Quartel (on Integrate)

“Poetic gems. Insightful, concise and elegant.”
Tobias Mayer

“You have a perfect voice for podcasts!”
Lisa Crispin

“Made me tear up.”
Diane Zajac (on Care)

“I cannot recommend this enough. Listen to every episode. Talk about them in your team. Share them with your managers. Managers, share them with your teams.”
Alan Dayley

“A labor of love that I’m grateful to enjoy.”
Ryan Ripley

“In theory this is about Agile. My goal as a parent is to get my kids to understand this, deeply.”
Nathan Arthur (on Free)

“If I had one Agile podcast to take on an island, this would be it.”
Marcel Körtgen

“Stunningly awesome — and it only takes 3 minutes.”
Ruth Malan (on Wrong)

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Good Job!
Comment by Dario Herrera Sun Dec 31 15:57:00 2017

Hi Amatai,

We met at Agile Coach Camp and I had loved listening to your podcast ever since. I know you took a bit of a break and am encouraged to see you starting back up.

I’d like to add a few topics in the areas that I often see missing in many agile transformations

How to assess and more importantly, help improve the ability of our teams to deliver working software frequently?

Where does an executive fit into Agile? What can they do to help? What behaviors and practices need to be reviewed to see if they should be adjusted or eliminated in order for agile to succeed?

How is Agile similar - and different from Lean principles and practices?

I’m sure I’ll have more later, but this is what’s on my mind right now that I don’t always see addressed in agile transformations.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again at Agile and Beyond!

Comment by Colleen Esposito Tue Jan 31 17:37:22 2017

Nice… I made a inexpensive model, using drinking straws, of the Iron Triangle model of PM just to see if it really works when modeled in the real world. AND it works just as expected… except…


Comment by David Koontz Fri Dec 23 17:32:20 2016

I’m wondering if anyone else has found that the episodes that are available through iTunes seem to play poorly with the Podcast app, at least in iOS 7.x.

What I have been finding is that, other than episode 1, when I start to play an episode it will play for about two seconds and then the Podcast app will either freeze, crash, or just end the episode. This is the only podcast where this has happened to me before (out of more than a dozen podcasts that I subscribe to).

I will find some way to listen to them, either on this site or another app, but thought I would let you know in case there is something that could be altered in the recording or distribution to iTunes.

Thanks for your work. John

Comment by John Brugge Tue Mar 15 03:27:25 2016

and I’m reminded of my assumptions about listeners being a little further along than having just been asked to try “Agile” and needing to figure out how. I’d love to have something more useful to offer folks in that situation, and will think on how to do a good job of it. If you’ve got an angle in mind, I’d be glad to hear it.

Comment by Amitai Schlair Mon Feb 1 00:54:14 2016
All very great content, but I’d love to hear 3 minutes dedicated to getting started with becoming agile. The topics can be a bit much for new teams just being introduced to the practices & philosophy. Something to help ease people who know nothing into the world of agility would be fantastic.
Comment by Rubberduck203 Sun Jan 31 19:16:35 2016
I appreciate hearing that. Hope it’s helpful to you and those you work with.
Comment by Amitai Schlair Mon Dec 21 14:56:31 2015
really easy explanation and analogy used.
Comment by Geshan Manandhar Sun Dec 20 05:13:46 2015
Comment by Bob Allen Mon Nov 2 16:00:17 2015
Thanks for the suggestion. I tend to be concrete-minded, so an example would help give me something to coalesce my thoughts around. Could you start me off with a common misunderstanding you’ve seen, an unhealthy pattern in those conversations, wrong people being included-in or excluded-from them, assumptions that are never questioned and really ought to be, something like that?
Comment by Amitai Schlair Sun Aug 30 01:59:32 2015