38: Camerata


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Hi, I’m Amitai.

“Before Agile in 3 Minutes, I couldn’t get my team to have a conversation. Now I have to timebox it.”
Chris McClellan

What is this?

A micropodcast about thinking and doing business effectively.

What isn’t this?

I don’t offer a precise definition of “Agile,” because I don’t believe we need to judge whether we are or are not.

What do we need?

  • To make risks visible early,
  • To make informed decisions often, and
  • To deliver value early and often.

Is this show for me?

If you’d like to have your thoughts happily provoked, yes! Welcome.

Where do I start listening?

Anywhere you like. (For an overview, I suggest 1: Effect.)

How do I continue listening?

In any order you like.